4 tips to be 'Christmas-Party-Body' ready

The festive period is the time of year to get your party on! The countless soirees to attend, new outfits to buy and all that food to eat makes this time of year so exciting.

For some of us though, it can be incredibly challenging. This indulgent time of year can urge us to talk negatively about our bodies and our weight, with January being prime diet time. We’re here to tell you to hell with all that. We've put together these tips to help you through the festive period and how you can be Christmas-Party-Body ready.

1. 'Good food' vs 'Bad food'

“I need to be good today, I can’t have a mince pie” or “that’s so naughty, I can’t eat that”. Ever said something along these lines around the Christmas period? Throughout the year, we are told certain foods are ‘good’ and others are ‘bad’, resulting in us feeling guilty if we eat the ‘naughty’ foods. Then instead of enjoying quality time with our friends and family, we are calorie counting and constantly overthinking what we should or shouldn’t be eating. You deserve to enjoy the Christmas period. You deserve to eat what you want during this time of indulgence. Everyone is eating just as much as you and that does not make you a bad human being.

2. Dealing with negativity

Whether it’s negative self-talk or well-meaning comments from your family, Christmas time can breed a lot of negativity. Whether it’s your mum, nan or auntie commenting on what you’ve eaten or your weight it can all be a bit too much this time of year. Firstly, whatever your loved ones say, be in the safe knowledge that they mean well. The next step is to address their comment with kindness. Getting angry or upset because of their comment doesn't benefit you in any way. Simply reply, “Thanks for your concern mum/nan/auntie, you do you but I’m going to do me”. Talking to them with kindness is just as important as talking to yourself kindly as well. Whenever, any self-criticism creeps in, acknowledge its existence and simply say to yourself, “Thanks for your concern brain but I’m going to enjoy my Christmas”.

3. Christmas self-care

Christmas time is hectic, to say the least. That’s why you should not skip on your Christmas self-care routine. Write down in your journal what has been triggering you, chuck out old clothes that don’t fit you any more and make sure to get enough sleep. Another way to look after yourself during Christmas time is to unfollow ANYONE who makes you feel crap about your body. If it doesn’t bring value to your life then it shouldn’t be on your social media feed. Instead, do some investigating on Instagram and find some new accounts that inspire you and make you smile.

4. You are more than your dress size

Diet culture is rife this time of year. We are bombarded with adverts telling us that we need to shrink ourselves to achieve our 'dreams'. To be successful, we need to be thin. To find a new hottie, we need to be slimmer. To be happy within ourselves, we need to be tiny. None of that is true. You are already enough just the way you are and you need to remind yourself of that. Why not write down EVERYTHING that you admire about yourself. Whether it’s being a dependable friend, a brilliant baker or a musical genius, there are so many things you can do! You have achieved so much during your time on planet Earth, so use this time of year to celebrate that.

Christmas time is there to be enjoyed. Appreciate the quality time you have with all your loved ones and enjoy all the yummy festive goodies. Nothing should take this amazing time of year away from you. So go forth and have a very body-positive Christmas!

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