Let's Talk Period Sex

Getting down and dirty on your period is not abnormal by any means. In fact, it is completely normal. Most women will feel their horniest during the ovulation period of their cycle as the body ‘wants’ to fertilise your egg and make a baby. However, many women feel most horny whilst on their period. In between the bloating, cramping and occasional crying, those raging hormones can make you feel really in the mood. Here is a quick rundown of why so many people have sex whilst flying the red flag

1. It’s Empowering

Your sexual needs are just as important as your romantic and platonic needs. Having sex when you feel like it and asking for the sex you want from your partner, empowers you to create the sex life you deserve. In fact, many couples enjoy period sex because it’s animalistic. The primal nature of sex while being on your period can feel liberating and yet incredibly intimate. The vulnerability and the rush of the heightened endorphins can make sexy times that extra bit more fun.

2. It can ease period cramps

The thought of having sex whilst experiencing debilitating menstrual cramps, doesn’t really turn many of us on. There is something that can help though. The big O. The chemical reaction that happens in your body when you have an orgasm eases menstrual pain due to the sharp rise in dopamine. Who doesn’t want to have pain-free periods and hot sex? It really sounds like a no brainer to us.

If you still feel like you need some form of pain relief whilst having period sex, why not pop a BeYou Patch on. Not only are so discreet and comfortable to use they last for up to 12 hours, so however long you’re getting freaky with it, your BeYou Patch can make period sex that little bit easier.

3. No need for lube

Many women are apprehensive about suggesting period sex to their partner because of the blood. Unfortunately, due to period stigma, the myth that periods are gross and uncleanly still exists. In reality, this simply isn’t true. Yes it may be messy and your partner may see some blood but if they are a considerate and affectionate partner, then your pleasure will be on their list of priorities. The blood won’t even be an issue.

If anything, it’s such a plus. Why? Because there is no need for lube. The endometrial tissue and menstrual blood are a natural lubricant for penetrative sex. If you aren’t in the mood for penetrative sex, you can still enjoy oral sex whilst riding the crimson wave. Simply pop a tampon in or your old favourite, the BeYou Menstrual Cup and enjoy period oral sex without the mess.

4. It still needs to be safe

You can still get pregnant whilst on your period. FACT. That’s why you should never forsake contraception whilst having period sex. Moreover, you can still contract an STI whilst menstruating. In fact, research has shown that STI rates are higher for period sex than non-menstrual sex. Condoms can also be really useful if you have a long term partner who doesn’t want to get any blood on them but still wants to have amazing period sex with your fiiine self.

Remember, communicating your sexual needs to your partner is 100% your right to do so. You deserve the sex you want and you should never feel ashamed about feeling sexy whilst on your period. If any partner, short-term or long-term, is ‘disgusted’ by period sex then they simply aren't the mature openminded partner you deserve!

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