Why is the BeYou Menstrual Cup different?

There are so many new brands, colours and shapes of menstrual cups, that there really is such a plethora to choose from. Within this sea of menstrual cups, how is the BeYou Menstrual Cup different?

Soft ‘n’ Squidgy

Woman folding BeYou menstrual cup in hand

The firmness of a menstrual cup can be intimidating for first-time users. The struggle to fold and insert a cup that may be too firm can put many women off from ever trying a menstrual cup again. The difficulty to manoeuvre a stiff cup and get into the right position can be uncomfortable and can also run the risk of leaks.

The BeYou Menstrual Cup has been designed to be super soft and flexible. The pliable medical grade silicone we have used for our menstrual cup is so easy to fold into any of fold of your choice and can be used by those of us ladies who maybe a little more sensitive and experience discomfort when inserting tampons.

Keeping it simple

We want everyone to be able to use the BeYou Menstrual Cup. No one should feel scared or intimidated by using a cup. Although we’re so excited to see so many cups with jazzy stems, bells and whistles, we think, sometimes simple is best. That’s why we have chosen the classic rounded ‘v’ shape for our cup.

The three grips rings around the bottom of the BeYou Menstrual Cup allow for swift removal of your cup. The stem of the cup has four smaller grip rings allowing for easier removal which can be customised to suit you. Using the lines around the stem as a guide you can trim the stem to whatever length suits you. Hell, you can take off the whole thing if you want! It’s completely up to you. It purely depends on what is comfortable for you. And let’s be honest comfort is key.

Tried and Tested

BeYou first impressions

We want to produce products that are designed with women in mind. That’s why we take pride in our BeYou Ambassadors who try and test out our products and give us their honest review on what they think. Many of our ambassadors struggle with using tampons and other firmer cups due to chronic pain, endometriosis and even vaginismus. That’s why we thought they would be the perfect bunch of people to see if the BeYou Menstrual Cup works for them.

‘The cup is great, good size, soft , flexible spot on!’ - Jaid Edwards @cutetingzonly

“Overall impression.. I love it!” - Emma @endoandemma

“For anyone wondering whether to try one or not I'd say go for it!...I’m converted!” - Amy @endotheroad

If you want to check out any more reviews from our lovely BeYou Ambassadors you can check out their blog posts here. Need more convincing? Check out our Cup Instagram highlight!

The Cup Calculator

Menstruation products are not a luxury and no one should have to pay through the nose for a product that they need. That’s why our cup is one of the most affordable on the market today, in comparison to some cups which can be priced at £25+. One cup can last for up to 10 years when kept it in good condition, saving you a wad load of cash over your menstruating years.

Oh wait, there is more good news! Our cup savings calculator can do all the maths for you. The cup calculator can calculate how much money the BeYou Menstrual Cup will save but also how much the amount of waste you’ll be saving too. You can check out how much money you can save with our cup here!

Naturally Hygenic

Not only is the BeYou Menstrual Cup just as reliable as a tampon it is all incredibly hygenic. Before you use the BeYou cup simply, boil the cup for 5-10 minutes in a saucepan so that your cup is completely sanitised. Then use your BeYou Menstrual Cup Foaming Cleanser to wash your cup in between cycles.

The BeYou Menstrual Cup Foaming Cleanser contains no nasty chemicals like SLS which would disturb your natural pH balance. The soap nuts extract effectively and natural traps and kills any bacteria on the cup surface, keeping your cup squeaky clean. You can now buy the BeYou Menstrual Cup and Menstrual Cup Foaming Cleanser for just £20 if you select the bundle option before adding it your cart.

Ready to make the switch? Get the BeYou Menstrual Cup here. Have some cup queries? Feel to check out our cup FAQ page or comment below, we're more than happy to answer your questions. Remember to share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram so you can join the menstrual cup buzz!

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