"They are so discrete, easy to apply and remove!"

I have been shouting the praises of an amazing product I came: The BeYou Monthly Patches. For as long as I can remember I have suffered extreme period pain, I ’ve been sent home from work/ school, I’ve collapsed... list goes on.

Every medication a doctor as put me on, nothing worked. I came across BeYou on Instagram last year, the reviews and the way they promote period positivity just spoke to me! BeYou Monthly Patches are 100% natural, without any nasties, and are a great alternative to hot water bottles and heat pads. The two main ingredients are steam distilled essential oils: Eucalyptus oil from Eucalyptus leaves, and menthol from peppermint leaves (not the synthetic kind!).

For me, the favourite part of the patches is that they are discreet, easy to apply and remove, vegan & biodegradable. The patches remove 95% of my pain with an amazing cooling sensation, they also release a really nice smell which causes everyone to comment on ‘my perfume’ they are a little shocked why I tell them where that smell is actually coming from. Also, the Monthly patches are £7.99 or £5.99 for a monthly subscription, so now I get so excited for my time of the month so I can open my patches!

I can now live my life, teach spin and get out of bed in the morning! Since working with BeYou it’s made me realise how badass it is and how I should be experiencing my period in a much more positive way. The female body is badass and it can do amazing things!! Be proud of who you are!!!

We can't thank our ambassadors enough for trying out our products and spreading the BeYou love. If you have any questions about our BeYou Monthly Patches then you can head over to our FAQ page or message us on our chat or any of our social media.