"I still think they are some sort of magic!"

I've discovered heaven and it's called BeYou. I have suffered from heavy/painful periods since I was a young teenager. And at the age of 26, I was finally diagnosed with PCOS and Endometriosis.

So, as you can imagine, I have been through a range of different pain killers in my time. From paracetamol and aspirin, acupuncture and lymph massage. Every month I lose a week to crippling pain and discomfort. That is until I discovered BeYou Monthly Patches. My mum saw them mentioned on Twitter and thought it would be worth a go. I was very sceptical. 'How can Menthol and Eucalyptus fix my pain?' But I went along with it, got a pack and gave them a try. From 10mins into putting the first one on, I was singing from the Heavens. Never has anything worked so fast and so well.

I was nervous putting it on, scared I would have a skin reaction, or that I just bought a duff piece of marketing. A plaster strip that smelled of medicine? But holy smokes they work. A slight tingle radiated out from the patch area and deep in the muscle. Getting stronger and stronger. The strong smell of menthol took a bit of getting used too, but it was also super calming. It smelled liked vapour rub and was quite happy with it. Since then, I will not be parted with them. From Ovulation pain. to full on Endo Pain, these babies take the edge off or cover it completely.

I still think they are some sort of magic, like a Harry Potter potion of calm and muscle ease. My periods are scary, they hurt and make me dread the week I will have to endure. But now, they're just a thing that happens in the background. The pain is under control and I can function. My period is now something that just happens, it doesn't take over my life.

Each one tends to last about 6 hours with my pain level, but the tingles are heaven. It's hard to describe how they feel... The nearest I can think of is cooling/tingly shower gel. They get deep into the muscles and calm them. Like ASMR, only in a patch.

I really cannot tell you what a difference this has made to my life. I have lost years to period and ovulation pain. Weeks in bed, unable to move from the pain. And now I just have relief. I don't say this lightly, I don't believe in fads or pushing products. I genuinely want every human experiencing a period, to try these. The gift of relief.

We can't thank our ambassadors enough for trying out our products and spreading the BeYou love. If you have any questions about our BeYou Monthly Patches then you can head over to our FAQ page or message us on our chat or any of our social media.