"This cream has saved my life!"

This cream has saved my life! I really am an actual changed woman because of it!!! I used to suffer a lot from irritation on my thighs especially while dancing and on holidays while I was younger but then I found BeYou and have never looked back. I have never tried anything like it, honestly from dance class every week to walking catwalks and literally even everyday daily use this cream is so sustainable through those sweaty moments and also it has changed what I wear on nights out as I’m not worried anymore to have my legs out in of my thighs rubbing and even on the daily as sometimes even with normal trousers and skirts my thighs can run but ladies and gents chub rub is seriously no more ... it’s gone.

It’s also great as it is a really handy size bottle that you can just keep your bag for those moments that catch you off guard. It smells so so nice because of the fact it’s made from all natural ingredients which is definitely a winner!! I actually love the fact it’s all natural ingredients because then you know you're not hurting or damaging your skin or the environment which for me is a real seller. And for all of my vegan friends out there it’s vegan-friendly. It’s great also as it’s sooo affordable and my bottle is lasting me such a long time as you only need a small amount each time you use it. Another great reason I love the anti-chafing cream is that if you are on that dreaded time of the month the cream helps with the chafing that a sanitary towel love to give you as its full of natural ingredients it’s safe to use while on your period.

The greatest thing of all, to be honest, is that once applied in the morning you don’t need to reapply it throughout the day or night. The cream also has a great guide to it as it comes out white like a cream but then it dries clear so you can see exactly where you are putting it which obviously makes life A LOT easier and it’s not greasy in any shape or form, it leaves a more of a silky feeling on your skin.

The cream is also an anti-bacterial cream so it fights against bacteria and has a skin repairing agent in it so you know you are safe with this on your legs as nothing is going to harm your skin. I’m nearly excited to get my legs out in the summer and go on those bikini holidays and my shorts because I know this year I will have no worries with flashing those legs because BeYou Anti-Chafing Cream will be right at my side through those hot days and with it be water-resistant even a dip in the pool won’t go astray. Guys and dolls I’m telling you now it'll be the best money you’ll spend especially with those summer months coming up !!