Do something different this Black Friday weekend

There is strength in numbers, let’s do this together!


  • The What.
    Black Friday Weekend 2019

    Last year we tried something a little different on Black Friday by starting The BeYou Black Friday Fund. When you shopped on our website, all of the profits went towards the petition to teach menstrual wellbeing in schools. While we had only been going for a few months, we were able to see the results first hand! This year, with your help, we’re taking it to the next level!
    For Black Friday Weekend 2019 (29th November to 2nd December) we are donating 100% of our profits to The Sakhi Project to help end period stigma by educating, employing, and empowering women and girls across India.

  • The Why
    Introducing BeYou x Sakhi Project

    82% of women in India don’t know what a sanitary towel is or how to use one with the 18% who do have access to these products residing in the educated parts of India. Access to menstrual products and menstrual health care is a basic human right which many women are denied. We want that to change. The Sakhi Project is run by the lovely Swati Bedekar, more commonly known as the “Pad Woman” of India! She and her husband have designed a machine that produces sustainable, organic and biodegradable pads for as little as 3p.

  • How will this help rural women in India?
    They keep 100% of the profits

    Each machine employs 15 local women and produces around 1200 pads a day. They are taught about menstruation, dignity of labour, and given the training to be self-sufficient. That’s right - they keep 100% of the profits!

    Not only that, but their local communities are also educated on the science of menstruation in an effort to break the stigma. Too often, men (and women included) feel ashamed and are seen as untouchable when on their period! Let’s change that together.

    We’ve partnered with the AMAZING Sakhi Project on an ongoing basis to set up as many of these machines as possible! Don’t worry - we’ll be sharing lots of updates on our partnership with the Sakhi Project, including interviews with the women and girls you’ll be helping

We need YOU

Share the BeYou Black Friday Pledge on ANY social media platform we’re on, tag us @beyouperiod and use hashtag #beyounited and give us a follow so you get to see the impact you’re making!

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What’s in it for you?
Empower women and school girls

1) That warm fuzzy feeling knowing you’ve spent a small portion of your Black-Friday-deal-hunting time doing something to help empower women and school girls.
2) As a thank you for your support you will receive an exclusive code for a FREE pack of BeYou Patches. No strings attached. There is strength in numbers, let’s do this together!

There is strength in numbers, let’s do this together!