4 reasons why you need a BeYou subscription

The BeYou Monthly Patch Subscription is here to make your month a breeze. With full flexibility, free first-class delivery and everything in your control, this subscription is made for you!

Value for money

BeYou Monthly Patch Subscription

You’re in control

Get your patches whenever suits you! We’ve designed our subscription to be truly flexible. It’s an upgrade in every way! Whether you’d rather get a few packs delivered every couple of months, or you need 5 packs every week - our subscription has you covered! In fact, we’re yet to come across a request from a customer that our subscription can’t handle!

Once you’re signed up, you have unlimited access to your subscription dashboard where you can make almost any change you want:

  • The number of patches you receive

  • How often you receive your patches

  • Dispatch date

  • Your address

  • Skip as many shipments as you like

  • Cancel at any time

Check out 'How to manage your BeYou subscription' to see just how easy it is.

Holiday Friendly

Whether you need to skip a shipment while you’re away, or you’re in the UK and just need your next pack delivered elsewhere, simply log in and change it in your subscription dashboard! It’s just as easy to change it back!

Free First-class delivery

A premium subscription deserves premium delivery! Your Monthly Subscription includes free first-class delivery from day 1 (see, we told you it was an upgrade!). No more wondering when your subscription will turn up and no more forgetting it’s arrived. Trust us this will be the one surprise you will want to receive every month.

Change any detail anytime, anywhere! The BeYou Monthly subscription is a subscription that keeps up with you. Upgrade and save with a subscription today and join the BeYou family.

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