5 New Year's resolutions for your vagina

January is a time for setting new goals for the rest of the year. Whether it's going back to the gym, writing that book or taking up aerial yoga, we understand that you want 2020 to be an exciting year. But have you made your New Year's resolutions for your vagina? Well here are some ideas for you!

1. Switch to a menstrual cup

Woman holding a pink menstrual cup and two tampons

If 2019 wasn’t the year you tried a menstrual cup then 2020 should be! Menstrual cups provide 12 hours of leak-free protection and can be worn all day and night. They are usually made of medical-grade silicone meaning they don’t contain chemicals such as rayon, chlorine and dioxin which are all known to cause toxic shock syndrome. FYI you can find these chemicals in your bog-standard tampon. Errmm we think that’s pretty scary, to say the least. Our Menstrual Cup Vs Tampons post will clear all your doubts about menstrual cups if you’re still sceptical.

In an article published in July 2019, the BBC announced that menstrual cups are as reliable as tampons. In over 13 studies, 70% of the participants wanted to continue using their menstrual cup after the study. They also stated that any leakages that the women experienced were the same if not less than tampons or pads. Sounds like an easy swap to us! If you’re a complete cup newbie we have a whole range of menstrual cup guides for you to flick through:

The history of the menstrual cup

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"How the hell will this fit in my vagina?!"

5 Reasons Why You NEED a Menstrual Cup

The BeYou Menstrual Cup is just that extra bit special. The medical-grade silicone is super soft and squidgy making folding and inserting the cup so easy. The measurement lines around the cup allow you to keep an eye on your flow and making it oh so simple to track your cycle. The handy how-to-use guide included inside will take you through the whole process of inserting, removing and cleaning your cup as well as some useful tips to make your menstrual cup experience as smooth as it can be.

Do your vagina a favour in 2020 and switch to a menstrual cup. You won’t look back.

2. Get rid of your hot water bottle

Woman holding hot water bottle on her lower back

Hot water bottles might be useful to warm your toes up on a cold January night but they are NOT efficient period pain relief. FACT. Although hot water bottles may bring blood to the area where you’re experiencing period pain, they don’t physically relieve the pain. Hot water bottles can cause local tissue damage if left on the skin longer than 30 minutes. There is also the danger that if they burst or leak they can scald you and leave serious scars.

We have a natural alternative: The BeYou Period Cramp Relief Patch. Our patches are 100% natural and create no nasty ingredients. They contain distilled menthol and eucalyptus oil which permeate the skin and help the muscles to relax. Okay so here’s the science. Period cramps are caused by hormones called prostaglandins. They encourage your uterus to excrete the menstrual blood which is built up through your cycle. Your body knows that you haven’t fertilised an egg and therefore wants to excrete the uterine lining. Et voila, you have period cramps.

Cramping of any kind is due to your muscles contracting. Menthol and eucalyptus oils are anti-inflammatory meaning they can help muscles to unwind and relax, alleviating the cramping sensation. Our BeYou Patches get to work in under 30 minutes and can last for up to 12 hours. The BeYou patches are designed to be discreet as they can be worn under clothing without any ‘awkward’ lines. Say goodbye to lugging around heavy hot water bottles and say hello to all-natural relief in 2020.

3. Track your cycle

Woman tracking her menstrual cycle

Why does your cycle start earlier some months and later in others? Why do you crave some food, some days and not others? And why do you feel so horny one particular time of the month? All of these questions can be answered by tracking your cycle. Did you know there are actually four phases to your menstrual cycle? We covered them all in our 4 phases of the menstrual cycle blog.

Tracking your cycle should be one of your 2020 goals because there is nothing more empowering than knowing your body. You can marvel at the magic of your body. Think about it, your uterus every single month knows when to start your period, stop it, start ovulating and times all those hormones at precisely the correct moment. Your body signals to you when need certain vitamins, when your body wants to make a baby and when you need some more rest. Also, knowing what is normal for you means it’s easier for you to spot if there are any warning signs to other health concerns.

4. Work out your vagina

Two pink dumbbells, a pink towel and an apple

Exercising your pelvic floor muscles is key in having a happy and healthy vagina. The pelvic muscle group involves not only the vagina but also your uterus, bowel and bladder. Your pelvic floor may weaken in old age, after childbirth, significant weight gain and chronic constipation. This can mean you lose sensitivity and pleasure during sex, as well as bladder control.

Exercising your pelvic floor muscles will improve sensation. To exercise your pelvic muscle all you need to do is contract your muscles as if you were trying to yourself from passing urine. Repeat this ten times, focusing on squeezing the muscles for longer at each interval. Then, repeat the whole process 3-4 times a day and you will have a pelvic floor made of steel. You can also buy kegel balls and other pelvic floor trainers to help you build up your strength. Make 2020 the year of major vagina gains.

5. Give your vagina some love

Woman's hand in blood orange

Self-love should be one of everyone’s new year resolutions for 2020. A part of that goal should be showing your vagina some love too. Okay, hear us out. Those of us with vaginas have an enormous amount of pressure to have the ‘perfect p****’. Whether it’s how we smell, our pubic hair, how tight we are or even the shape of our labia, us vulva folk don’t have an easy ride. That needs to change. It is to our dismay that there has been a spike in the number of young women and girls who would consider having a labiaplasty or a ‘designer vagina’ because they feel they have to change it to fit in or even please a partner. This shouldn’t be the case.

Each woman is completely unique and individual and with that, she has an equally unique and beautiful vulva. Your body is the only one of its kind on Earth. It is unique to you and only you. How special is that?! Your vagina does so many wonderful things for you. Know that every single vagina varies in colour, texture, shape and size. And yours is as equally beautiful as everyone else’s.

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