How do I clean my menstrual cup?

‘Aren’t menstrual cups messy?’, ‘But menstrual cups are so gross?!’, ‘Cups are nowhere near as hygienic as pads and tampons?’. If you’ve heard any of these before you maybe a little put off from using a cup. Many cup newbies (and sceptics) worry that using a menstrual cup or period cup is messy because you are in close contact with your menstrual blood. Periods are still considered taboo, unclean and even dirty across cultures meaning many people are still reluctant to talk about periods. The signs of PMS, like bloating, acne, menstrual cramps, cravings etc., are often seen as equally ‘ugly’ as menstrual blood meaning many people simply don’t want to talk about menstruation.

At BeYou we want to debunk those cultural myths associated with periods, as well as menstrual cups, so cup newbies can start their pad-free journey with all the information they need. The BeYou Menstrual Cup is known far and wide for being PERFECT for first-timers, but we also created the ideal partner in crime to ensure looking after your first cup is super easy: the BeYou Menstrual Cup Foaming Cleanser.

If you’re a complete cup novice, here is a breakdown of the best way to look after your cup:

Before your first time

Before making your cup debut you will need to sanitise your cup. The BeYou Menstrual Cup is made from soft and squidgy medical grade silicone making inserting and folding your cup a breeze. The type of silicone we have used is hypoallergenic and is the same type of silicone used in hospitals meaning it is incredibly safe to use. It is important to sanitise your cup before your first cycle to ensure it is squeaky clean. We recommend popping your cup in a saucepan of boiling water for up to ten minutes before waiting for it to cool down. Or, if you don’t have a hob, you can pop your menstrual cup in a container, submerged in water and then pop it in the microwave for 5 minutes.

Once you’re done, all you have to do is remember to keep your Menstrual Cup Foaming Cleanser handy! We formulated our cup cleanser to be naturally anti-bacterial without any toxic chemicals such as SLS or other foaming agents. “How does that work?!”, we hear you cry. The BeYou Menstrual Cup Foaming Cleanser uses the power of nature in the form of Soapnuts. Soapnuts come from the lychee family and they contain a natural detergent known as ‘saponin’ which targets and kills bacteria. You shouldn’t have to compromise cleaning your cup with harmful cleansers - ours is made from 100% natural ingredients as well as being Gynaecologist approved!

Public Bathrooms

Another question we often receive from first-time cup users is, “How do I clean my cup in public”. Trust us, it’s easier than you think. Your period can strike whenever and wherever. That’s why our Cup Cleanser is only 80ml, meaning you fit it in your hand luggage to take on your next girls’ holiday. The handy sized bottle conveniently fits into your bag so you can use it while in a toilet cubicle. Simply take out your cup and empty the contents into the toilet. Wipe your cup clean with some tissue and swill out your cup with a bottle of water.

Then, squirt a small amount of the Cup Cleanser into the cup and create a lather in your hands making sure to thoroughly clean the stem, the suction holes as well as turning the cup inside out. Rinse your cup with a little more water, wipe down and simply reinsert it.

Not only this, but our Cup Cleanser lasts for up to 200 washes saving you money on feminine wipes and other cup cleansers, which are larger, bulkier and packed full of chemicals.

In between cycles

Cleaning your cup between periods is incredibly easy. Simply, sanitise your cup in a saucepan or microwave and then follow it up with the BeYou Menstrual Cup Foaming Cleanser. We recommend to thoroughly clean the four suction holes underneath the rim of the cup. The four holes are crucial for your cup to work properly as they form a vacuum seal against the walls of your vagina, meaning no leaks! If the holes are clogged with old menstrual blood then they may not be able to create the leakproof barrier that your cups needs.

You might notice that after a few cycles your cup might become stained. Don’t worry the cup cleanser is still doing its job and your cup is squeaky clean. Staining occurs over time because of the menstrual blood. To avoid staining, rinse your cup in cold water between uses as warm water allows the blood to cling to the cup. Our Menstrual Cup Foaming Cleanser is by your cup’s side to ensure it is not only completely clean but it can last for up to 10 years, saving you money and waste on periods products!

For all menstrual cup beginners out there we are happy to say that cups are super safe, incredibly hygienic and are kind to your body. The BeYou Menstrual Cup Cleanser lets you look after your cup and, of course, take care of your period without the worry of using products which are full of nasty chemicals. With our Cup Cleanser not only are you safe in the knowledge that your period care is 100% natural but it also 100% safe.

Grab up your BeYou Menstrual Cup here. Bundle up and save with the BeYou Menstrual Cup Foaming Cleanser. If you have any cup questions feel free to message us on our live webchat or check out our FAQ’s page.


Jess @ BeYou

Hey Jennyxo!

I’m so glad to hear you want to give them a try! It’s just like with the patches, it can take some time to get used to it. Our cups have a reallllyyy comprehensive guide in the box with plenty of tips and tricks, but as always if you have any questions or issues just drop us an email or DM us and we’ll get back to you ASAP! Yes, our menstrual cup is extremely soft because the majority of the feedback we had from all our surveys and focus groups was a softer cup is way more comfortable and easier to get used to when starting out! :

Thanks for commenting! :)

Jess x


This is so interesting guys! I’ve been thinking about trying a menstrual cup for AGES! My biggest issue with them is that it just sounds so gross and unhygienic!! I’m going to get the bundle and see how I get on! I swear by your period patches so I have full confidence in beyou having made a menstrual cup. I saw on insta that your cup is soft and great for first timers?

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