Introducing the BeYou Hand Sanitiser

At BeYou HQ our customers' health and safety is something we truly care about. We understand there is a limited stock of certain items that we all need to stay happy and healthy. That’s why we’re giving away a free BeYou Hand Sanitiser with every purchase*.

BeYou Hand Sanitiser

High-quality ingredients

We never compromise the quality of our products. That’s why the BeYou Hand Sanitiser is made with medical grade alcohol which has been dermatologically tested. Our hand gel has 62.5% alcohol which is anti-bacterial and anti-viral leaving your hands feeling fresh and clean.

Easy application

The non-greasy, non-sticky texture effectively cleans your hands without leaving a residue on the skin. Simply squeeze a small amount on to your hand and spread the gel from your fingers tips to the front and back of your hands. Let your hands air dry and make sure not to wipe your hands immediately afterwards. The handy travel-sized bottle is perfect to throw into your bag to use while out and about, so you can have squeaky clean hands anytime, anywhere.

Tips & Tricks

We can stop the spread of nasty germs by simply keeping our hands nice and clean. Hand sanitiser is a great alternative for on-the-go use but it shouldn’t replace your normal hand washing routine. Think of it as an extra step in your self care routine - but for your hands! Here are some top tips to keep your hands free from nasties:

  1. Pop your BeYou Hand Sanitiser in your bag so you can use it before and after you use public transport.

  2. Use your hand sanitiser before and after using shared touchscreens and touchpads.

  3. Sanitise your hands after coming into contact with communal touchpoints such as door handles and shared appliances to avoid spreading any germs.

Thoroughly washing your hands regularly should be a part of your daily routine. The BeYou Hand Sanitiser is great to use while on-the-go but remember to regularly wash your hands for 20 seconds to keep them squeaky clean. Sure you can wash your hands to ‘Happy Birthday’ but we think it needs a little update.

Why not try washing your hands to Beyonce or Lizzo so your hands feel clean as hell. You can even create your own hand-washing guide at Simply choose your favourite song and print off your guide which takes you through, step by step, how to effectively wash your hands to your favourite song lyrics.

If you have any questions about this blog then please contact our team on our webchat or message us on any of our social media, we’re more than happy to help.

*one per customer, while stocks last.


BeYou Team

Hi Donna, yes there is! The hand sanitiser bottle has a child lock on the lid so you just need to press down firmly and twist :) That should get it to open!

Donna Hitchins

Hi there, I have just purchased 2 x BeYou hand sanitisers from Wowcher but none of the family are able to open the tops. Is there a knack to it? Please can you help!
Many thanks. Donna :)

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