"If you chafe, you need this product!"

As I work at BeYou HQ, I get a sneak-peek at all the new products that come in and I must say I was super excited for the anti-chafing cream to come out. Chafing came into the mix for me during my late teens. The raw feeling of my thighs rubbing together has left me feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious on holiday many times when all I wanted to do was lie back and soak up the sun.

Eager to have a chafe-free holiday, I threw my BeYou Anti-Chafing Cream into my hand-luggage (yes, it’s travel-sized!) before boarding a plane to Rome. This city getaway wouldn’t be a relaxing one for sure. We had to squeeze in the Vatican, the Colosseum, as well as Pompeii all within 3 days, meaning a lot of chafing was about to go down.

Before the first day out, I applied a pea-sized amount to each of my legs before getting dressed and heading out of the hotel. I can honestly say my thighs have never felt so soft! It melted so nicely into the skin and left a lovely silky feel over my skin. The usual sore feeling I would get from walking around all day in 28 degrees had completely disappeared. Day 1 was well and truly a huge success.

On day two we were heading to Pompeii which meant even more walking and even warmer weather. I repeated the same process as the day before but instead applied a more generous amount to each leg just make sure I had a little more protection. I popped it into my bag for the day just in case I wanted to reapply. Honestly, I didn’t even need to think about my legs by the time our day trip was over. The floral essential oils have such a lovely smell that I just wanted to keep applying it all day.

By the time Day 3 came around, the Anti-Chafing Cream may as well have been taped to my hand. It did not leave my side. The lightweight feel of the cream really helped during the hottest point in the day when I would usually be feeling like a sweaty mess. I could happily wear my skirt without having to wear cycling shorts or tights underneath. It left my skin feeling so soothed and moisturised that no bead of sweat was going to make me chafe during that holiday.

Now the BeYou Anti-Chafing Cream is a handbag essential for me. I use it before and after night’s out when I have been wearing a dress or skirt and I am definitely taking away with me again. I’ve even used it before and after a session at the gym and it has worked like a dream. I 10/10 recommend this little guy to anyone who suffers from chafing. It’s such a versatile product and I am grateful that it fell into my lap!

If you want to try out the BeYou Anti-Chafing Cream for yourself click here. If you have any questions drop us a message on our live chat or check out the FAQs page.