"I can work out without getting chub rub!"

Free those thighs!!!

I’ve always been one to wear shorts under my dresses or skirts due to chub rub! So when shopping for a new dress I’ve always had to be conscious of the length of it to avoid showing my chub rub shorts off! How stupid right?

I’ve tried to beat the thigh chub by hitting the gym, but even there I was getting the dreaded rub! Nothing I did worked, I thought I was stuck wearing the shorts under my dresses for the rest of my life, or never wear cute short summer dresses to show off my wonderful leg art ever again!

W R O N G! When BeYou asked me to try the anti-chafing cream, I had nothing to lose! I ventured out one blustery day in a dress, without my shorts on, to test out the cream while shopping, and also when I went to the gym, and all I can say is WOW! Life-changing! Or leg changing? Haha!

I was able to walk comfortably all day while at the shop and I could work out without getting the dreaded chub rub! It is now my daily essential! Like as soon as I wake up I put it on! I honestly cannot and will not ever be without it! It smells amazing, and the smell lasts all day but isn’t overpowering! It doesn’t feel greasy, once it’s on it just feels nice on your skin without feeling like your thighs are going to be sticking together!

When they say a little goes a long way boy do they mean it, you literally need no more than a pea-sized amount to covet your inner thigh, so you just know that this one bottle is going to last the whole summer! Also no need to worry on those hot summer days, this stuff is waterproof so if you sweat you know it’s not going to come off! You can be protected all day no matter the weather!

If you have bigger boobs and experience the boob rub cause of your bra, this can be used under your pits too!

It’s made from all natural ingredients (vegan-friendly) you know you aren’t putting nasty chemicals on your more sensitive areas of the body, and if you have slightly more sensitive skin like me you know it’s not going to be an issue! So you know you aren’t going to be irritated from using this, shame it can’t be used on your irritating other half right 🤷🏼‍♀️

I’m going on holiday with the girls soon, and this is going to be in my case first! Due to the size, it is hand luggage friendly! So bring on the dancing all night in those hot bars abroad, nothing will be stopping me on this holiday!

So finally I can say Goodbye to the chub rub shorts, I would say it was a pleasure....but who am I kidding! This anti-chafing cream is a true pleasure to use!

If you want to try out the BeYou Anti-Chafing Cream for yourself click here. If you have any questions drop us a message on our live chat or check out the FAQs page.