"I find myself sleeping for longer and falling asleep faster"

One of our lovely ambassadors, Rose, was kind enough to try and test out our new Sleep Pillow Mist and here what is she thought...

I’ve been having a hard time with health issues lately which means I was getting on average of about an hour of sleep if I was lucky. The BeYou sleep pillow mist couldn’t have come at a better time for me. The delivery was much anticipated – perhaps a little too much as I gave it a little spray as soon as it came… and then had to be woken up not long after so I didn’t miss an appointment!

This isn’t my first time using a sleep spray; however, I’m used to the much more ‘traditional’ heavily lavender scented ones so this one took me by surprise. I can definitely smell lavender in this, but it’s much less prominent than others I’ve tried. I can personally smell the jasmine much more prominently!

My night routine before my health took a dip typically started with showering and spending absolutely ages on my skincare (it’s my ‘me time’!) and then listening to something on Audible for at least half an hour. I then use the BeYou 600mg Berry drops and switch to an ASMR video and then sort of hope for the best. The spray fits so easily into my routine – just a couple of mists onto my pillow right when I switch over to the ASMR video. “Hoping for the best” has turned into “asleep before the first video is even over”.

I typically only sleep for about three or four hours because I have trouble staying asleep. The spray has completely changed that. I find myself not only falling asleep faster but also staying asleep for much longer than before too!

I no longer wake up in the night and I somehow feel like a human in the mornings too. An average of three-to-four hours has also turned into an average of six-to-seven.

I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t been consistent with sleep sprays in the past – they’ve always been a little too ‘this’ or a little too ‘that’ (“it smells too strong”, “the smell still lingers in the morning”, “now I have a headache!”) – but I can see myself using the BeYou sleep pillow mist for a long time to come. It’s not too strong, there’s no lingering smell, there are no headaches. It makes my night routine so much easier because I’m able to get to sleep so much quicker than I am without it – I truly wouldn’t be without it now.

We can't thank our ambassadors enough for trying out our products and spreading the BeYou love. If you have any questions about our Sleep Pillow Mist then you can head over to our FAQ page or message us on our chat or any of our social media.