"It's really comfy and it's really flexible!"

Meet Jessica-Rae, one of our lovely ambassadors, who very kindly reviewed the BeYou Menstrual Cup ...

Menstrual cups are great if you know what you're doing. I tried my first menstrual cup last year and I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. My experience of the first time ever putting it in, it was really scary and you shouldn't be scared. You shouldn’t be scared because you need to just relax, because if you're too tense, it's not happening. The first time I ever tried one I didn't put it in right. I didn't do any research. I didn't really know what I was doing. But once I did my research and once I kind of figured it out, I found the one.

The BeYou cup is pink, because we're all ladies here! But it's really good and it's not as big as you think. Like that looks big, but it's not. It's not as big as you think at all. I really like this cup because it's a lot softer than the other one that I tried. Like really, really soft and really, really flexible. The reason I like this one is because the grooves are really good to get a good grip. You want that good grip. And you'll always find with menstrual cups that have really long stems but you can cut them down if you want to. I love the size. It fits perfect for me. And I love the gripper.

The reason that I like using menstrual cups is because when I was using tampons and pads, I found that I was really irritable to them and I was never comfortable. Never. And I always overflowed. The amount of times that that has happened it is unreal.

Since using menstrual cups it's only happened to me once because I didn't put it in right. So there's loads of different ways you can put it. There's loads of different folds. The ones that I find best for me, there's two that I really like, and that's the C fold or the U fold. You hold it down put it in and then you let it pop. Dead easy. The second fold that I like is the push down fold. So you push down so it makes an opening a bit smaller than the U fold. So you do the same thing, put it in and then you let it pop. You can kind of hear it/you can tell when it’s popped.

And then same again to take it out, either push, pull or even squeeze. When it pops, it creates the seal, so you don't leak at all. Therefore, you want to break that seal to get it out. You can either push in at the side or if you squeeze the bottom it will break that seal, so then you can take it out.

It's really, really comfy and it's really flexible. You know if you've got it in right, if you cannot feel it. So if you can feel it, then you've not put it in right. It takes a good five to 10 times. You just want to trial and error it. You know it's in right if you can't feel it because it's comfortable. But if you can feel it, take out, try again.

With BeYou there's two different sizes. There's a medium and a large. So if you've not had kids, try the small first. And then if you feel like it's not right for you, or if you have had kids, then try the bigger one.

Like Mean Girls, if you've got a wide-set vagina and a heavy flow, this cup lasts 12 hours. What more could you want? Put it in in the morning, go to work, do whatever you need to do. Come home, take it out, have a shower and put it back in. That's all you need to do!