Why the BeYou Menstrual Cup is great for beginners

If you’re considering dipping your toe into the world of menstrual cups, we believe the BeYou Menstrual Cup is the cup for you. Not only is our cup brilliant for cup newbies but it might well be your period’s new bestie. Pads and tampons have been proven to be incredibly wasteful as well as expensive and dangerous! Frankly, we were tired of hearing women having to compromise on the quality of their menstrual products for ‘convenience’. That’s why we created the BeYou Menstrual Cup. It may seem daunting but don’t worry we’re here to explain why you should definitely switch to the BeYou Cup.

Soft and safe

All cup newbies should know that menstrual cups have been proven to be just as effective and reliable as tampons. FACT! Why I hear you ask? Menstrual cups can hold 3 tampons’ worth of blood and they can be worn for up to 12 hours. No more having to buy boxes and boxes of tampons when you only have to use ONE menstrual cup. It’s like music to our ears, or vagina, take your pick.

Not only this, but tampons are often bleached with chlorine to get that sparkling white tampon colour (which you bleed all over anyway!) which can affect your natural pH balance. The BeYou Menstrual Cup is made from super-soft medical grade silicone meaning a) it contains no toxic chemicals unlike other sanitary products and b) it’s so comfy! The squidgy silicone makes the BeYou Menstrual Cup very flexible making it super easy to fold and insert. Like anything new, practise does make perfect but trust us, you won’t regret switching to the BeYou Cup.

Make the switch and save some pennies

If you regularly use tampons, you may have heard of the tampon tax - the tax that women have to pay on period products because they are classed as a luxury. Yeh we know, it’s BS. Because of this, tampons can be incredibly expensive. In fact, the average woman can spend up to £18,000 on pads and tampons over her lifetime. We think this needs to change.

The BeYou Menstrual Cup is one of the most cost effective cups around with an RRP of £14,99 while most other cups cost £25+. Did we compromise on the quality of the cup material? Oh hello no. The high-quality medical grade silicone means your BeYou Menstrual Cup will last for up to 10 years. That’s £14.99 for ten year’s worth of period care. Sounds like a done deal to us.

Use them anytime, anywhere

Our motto of ‘Celebrating individuality togetherTM’ goes into every single one of our products including our menstrual cup. Every woman is different and so is her cycle. Some women have their period for 3 days, some women have breakthrough bleeding and some women don’t have a regular 28-day cycle. The BeYou Menstrual Cup is perfect for cup newbies who don’t have 9-5 periods. Our cup can be used through your cycle, unlike pads and tampons which can often be uncomfortable during the first and last days of your cycle.

“But can I use it if I have a heavy flow?”. Yes, you can! Menstrual cups are great for all flows as, rather than absorb your blood, they hold your blood. In fact, the majority of us menstruators believe we bleed much more than we actually do! Most women will shed around 6-8 teaspoons across a 7 day period. Therefore, just because you have a heavy flow it doesn't mean you can't use a cup.

Many cup beginners are nervous about using menstrual cups while sleeping but hate using pads and tampons at night. The beauty of the BeYou Menstrual Cup is that it can be used overnight. Insert your menstrual cup before you go to bed and remove it when you up et voila, wake up to pristine sheets with no bloody stains.

Periods can strike at any place, at any time. That’s why the BeYou Menstrual Cup is perfect for on the go periods. Our menstrual cup can be used while you’re swimming, cycling, running, you name it, whatever the occasion, you can use the BeYou Cup. Just pop your cup into your bag and you never have to do a mad dash to shop to buy pads or tampons again.

No strings attached

Pad-free periods are now so easy with the BeYou Menstrual Cup. Our cup has been made with modern women in mind. Whatever your flow, your period and your schedule are like, you can use the BeYou Menstrual Cup. It's reliable, safe and hassle-free - what more could you ask for?!

Grab up your first BeYou Menstrual Cup here. Bundle up and save with the BeYou Menstrual Cup Foaming Cleanser. If you have any cup questions feel free to message us on our live webchat or check out our FAQ’s page.

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